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Fontanka- SUP: Surfing in Saint Petersburg

The international “Fontanka-SUP” stand-up paddle festival (SUP) has entered history as the largest festival in Eastern Europe and is the only sporting event of its kind in Russia.

SUP- Stand Up Paddle is a branch of surfing that challenges attendees to stand on a large floating board and push themselves across the water using paddles. The route runs along the Fontanka River, the Kryukov Canal, the Moika River and the Griboyedov Canal. This is also an opportunity for attendees to enjoy the ancient beauty of a series of famous landmarks in the heart of Saint Petersburg, such as Church of the Redeemer on bloodshed, Summer Palace, Dom Knigi Bookstore, House singing Tovstonogov, The Faberge Museum, etc.

Not only includes a race, a flashmob dance on the board as well as a beauty contest Miss SUP, the most special feature of “Fontanka-SUP” must include the one-of-a-kind parade. Each attendee is dressed in colorful costumes or dressed up as fairy characters, in cartoons or even fantasy movies. After parading around the center, all the outfits will be voted on by the spectators on both sides of the river to award the most impressive performance.

The first Fontanka-SUP Festival was held in October, despite slightly more extreme weather conditions. Then, the wonderful response from the visitors has prompted the authorities to continue to organize this event regularly on the occasion of August each year. The fifth time took place in Saint Petersburg City on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the portal of Fontanka.ru city. This event had nearly 1,000 people registered for SUP and about 500 people attended cheering on both sides of the river.

The white summer nights in Saint Petersburg are always the peak to welcome tourists from all over the world. Although the cruise ships coming here are starting to get more bustling, the current number of tourists is only a third of the same period in 2019 and mainly domestic residents. Therefore, the Fontanka-SUP festival and year-end activities are expected to restart the tourist season in Saint Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia, after the silence of Covid-19.