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many types of surfing to enjoy

Surfing is a very popular sport in European countries. This extreme sport is not only a healthy exercise but also a new experience for those who want to experience adventurous feelings.

Surfing does not require to use any assistive equipment other than a surfboard. On a board about 2 meters long, the player stretches out to the sea and paddle with his own hands. Players arrive at the big wave to roll ashore and use specific skills to control the board.

As a technical sport, surfers are mostly professional athletes. However, if you want to try the feeling of walking on the waves, you can try this extreme sport.


Compared to surfing, surfing with paddles is somewhat simple and easier to play. A new player can fully control paddle surfboard after only a few hours of practice. Thanks to the paddles, participants can travel longer distances and play on many different water surfaces.

Surfboard with paddles is considered the origin of modern surfing, now comes back with a new look. Although quite similar to rowing boats, inflatable boats and kayaks, surfboards have lighter paddles and are more expensive.



In this kind of sport, players use boards with a sail attached to the force of the wind to surf. To be able to master the sail, the player to spend time practicing. Windsurfing players range from professional, semi-professional to amateur, depending on the wave and wind.

Skateboarding with towing canoes

Compared to other kinds of surfing, skateboarding is the easiest.  However, to participate, players still need to take a basic course to balance the water. After tightening the life jacket, the legs are placed in a straight line on a longoard, clinging to the canoe zipper, controlling the board in a zigzag shape, leaving behind the giant waves.

Ideal surfing destinations for surfers AROUND THE WORLD

Not only are the following places ideal holiday destinations, these beautiful beaches are also the “paradise” for those who love adventure sports like surfing.

1. Huntington Beach, California (USA)

If you are looking for a stunning surfing spot, you cannot ignore Surf City, USA. With four beaches in different directions, this is really an ideal destination for surfers. Those who love long-board surfing will head to the northern coasts, while the southern beach, next to Huntington Beach Pier, is a good place for short boarders.

2. Bondy Beach, Sydney (Australia)

Bondy is one of Australia’s most popular beaches and is also one of the best destinations for surfing. The white sandy beach of Bondy Beach is not only a first-class surfing place but also a great beauty spot for tourists.

3. San Clemente, California (USA)

San Clemente is the place in which many magazines locate their head offices including Surfing Magazine, The Surfer’s Journal, Longboard Magazine, Surfer Magazine, etc. This partly shows that San Clemente’s popularity for this sport is huge. This is also the hometown of Lower Trestles, a favorite holiday spot for surfers.


4. Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout is a fishing village located in the southwest of Morocco. The pretty desolation of this place is an important criterion for a perfect surfing spot. From September to June, the waves here often challenge the surfers. However, during the rest of the year, smaller waves make this place an ideal destination for anyone who loves the sport.

5. Island, Fiji

This heart-shaped island is home to one of the world’s most famous surf paths – Cloudbreak. About 1 mile from the island, this wave requires surfers to use special technique to catch up with the speed of the waves.

Above are five perfect destinations for surfers. Hope you will have great surfing at these stunning places!