4 best surfing spots on the planet

Whether you are new to surfing or already a world champion, the list of the best surfing places in the world below will definitely fill your heart with joy or a little jealous because you haven’t had the chance to set foot there.

1. Bundoran Beach, Ireland

Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here, turquoise sea water combined with soil cliffs and coral reefs has created a unique feature for the coast. The water here has a low temperature. The wave is of average height with more than 2 meters.

Located in Donegal district, it takes only a few hours drive from Dublin city to get to Bundoran Beach. This is a great and unforgettable surfing spot of veteran players.

2. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia


The Mentawai Islands are a chain of about seventy islands and islets off the west coast of Sumatra, which is one of the most suitable places for surfing in the world. Plan to visit here at the peak of the summer, from early June to mid-September to have the best experiences. However, those who are new to surfing should stay away from Gilligan.

3. Lima, Peru

With rocky beaches and dull gray seawater, you can immediately think of Peru as a hot spot for surfing. The waves here come from all sizes, from small to large. Lima will surely provide you with the best waves in South America.

4. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

Having long been an ideal place for surfing, Pipeline is one of the best surfing spots in America. It is ranked as the most popular surfing spot in the world. However, not everyone can surf here. With waves higher than 20ft (6.1m), shallow sea floor and sharp coral reefs, never think of jumping into the water unless you are professional players.